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University of Exeter

The University of Exeter worked with InView Assets to capture images, video and also produce CAD outputs for a tender on a university-wide gutter cleaning programme.

ABOUT The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter is a member of the Russell Group of leading research-intensive universities

The University has over 25,000 students from 130 countries and over 125,000 alumni in 183 countries providing our academic community of staff, students and visiting researchers with a truly global experience.

The University has excellent teaching and research facilities and laboratories for science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine, as well as humanities and science across all of the campuses


Their Challenge​

As part of their ongoing planning preventative maintenance the Estate Management Team wanted to develop a comprehensive tender opportunity for the maintenance and cleaning of gutters across both the Stretham and St Lukes Campuses.

This required a comprehensive suite of evidence and information that could be mostly provided from drone output data: close-up images, video fly-arounds and CAD models based on roof-top photogrammetry outputs.


200GB of data in 17,000 separate files were securely delivered to the University on-time and on-budget

Cost-effective, quicker and safer way of producing tender information compared to utilising traditional mobile-access platforms and ground-based survey data

Cloud-based outputs were easily shared with different stakeholders (reducing the carbon footprint of visits).

Enabled planning for future spending using an evidence-based approach

Cost-saving, safety and efficiency benefits

Hours/days capture time*

Versus the traditional ground/roof-based data capture time of weeks or even months for large assets, saving days/weeks

De-risking data capture

Versus ground or rooftop inspections with ropes, scaffold and towers our aerial capture tools are “zero-touch”

Up to 80% cost saving

Versus traditional manual survey costs by removing the expense of prolonged capture time, travel time and repeated in-person site visits

Fully digital remote inspection

Versus the traditional survey which does not “see” all of the asset from all aspects and elevations

Millions of data points

Versus ground/roof-based surveys with limited access and finite resolution, allowing pinpoint accuracy across all assets

3D interactive outputs

Versus the traditional 2D paper-based reports and images which have limited access, coverage and quality

*For areas up to 10,000 or 1ha – roof inspection image capture in one day. Larger areas of up to 100ha are for landscape photogrammetry in one day.

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